Position Description Location
Software Engineer Analyzes user interfaces, maintain hardware and software performance tuning, analyze workload and computer usage, maintain interfaces with outside systems, analyze downtimes, analyze proposed system modifications, upgrades and new COTS. Defines the problem, and develops system requirements and program specifications, from which programmers prepare detailed flow charts, programs, and tests. Coordinates closely with programmers to ensure proper implementation of program and system specifications. Develops, in conjunction with functional users, system alternative solutions. Virginia
System Administrator The systems administration encompasses network and server administration. The systems administratorís responsibilities include: implementation of baseline changes and respond to change requests; perform technical evaluations, analysis, and troubleshooting for all supported servers; build servers by providing technical configuration, setup, installation services, hardware and coordination of application projects; and operate and maintain servers Virginia
Network Engineer The INFOSEC and COMSEC security requirements for the network add to the complexity of these positions. Positions at this level are responsible for performing moderately complex network designs; performing upgrades to limited segments of the network, and performing routine network operations and maintenance (O&M). Virginia
Database Administrator The Database Administrator (DBA) works with software and determines ways to organize and store data. Identify user requirements, set up computer databases, and test and coordinate modifications to the computer database systems Ensures the performance of the system, understands the platform on which the database runs, and adds new users to the system. Plans and coordinates security measures -data integrity, backup systems, and database security. Virginia
Program Manager Helps determine both technical and business goals in consultation with top management and make detailed plans for the accomplishment of these goals. Responsible for formulating and enforcing work standards, assigning contractor schedules, reviewing work discrepancies, supervising Contractor personnel and communicating policies, purposes, and goals of the organization to subordinates. Shall be responsible for the overall contract. Virginia
System Integrator Responsible for maintaining integrity of systems-of-systems by defining requirements architecture (consistent with the Enterprise Architecture (EA), (described in 1.0 above) and interfaces. Plans, implements, tests, documents, and maintains solutions to total systems or subsystems using internally created and/or commercial off-the-shelf products. Provides end-to-end project management support of the life cycle. Provides a total systems perspective including a technical understanding of relationships, dependencies and requirements of hardware and software components. Coordinates with other team members and ensures problem solution, appropriate risk reduction, and user satisfaction. Makes recommendations, if needed, on test and evaluation strategies for major systemsí installations Virginia
Cyber Security Cyber Security/Computer and Network Defense Subject Matter Expert (SME), concentrating on overall technical and operational effectiveness of capabilities in coordination with the COTR and Sponsor Staff management. Virginia
Configuration Manager Responsible for maintenance and continuous improvement of the process, working methods and tools, including configuration management of computer systems, networks and their configurations, workstations and their configuration, software development activity, performance tool development and distribution, and applications distribution. Configuration change tracking and documentation control to include, but not limited to concepts of operation, requirements identification and documentation, preliminary and detailed system definition, system design review, performance monitoring tools and production software. Ensure the CM process is introduced and implemented according to guidelines from the process owner. Keep the Configuration Management Database (CMDB) update. Perform audits on the actual CMDB. Provides continuous coordination of progress on actions, tasking, and issues. Reviews and edits technical documentation, as requested. Serves as a corporate referent on technical writing and editing matters. Serves as the CM authority for reviewing software code deliveries and managing code libraries Virginia
Help Desk Support Responsible for recording incidents and providing support to the users. Provides a total customer support service as a single point of contact for all issues relating to IT and IS services for a particular customer. Provides technical assistance to computer system users, including the use of computer hardware and software, including printing, installation, word-processing, electronic mail, and operating systems. Maintains a service perspective including an understanding of relationships, dependencies and requirements of hardware and software components and the organizations that support them. Answers questions or resolve computer problems for clients in person, via telephone or from remote location. Provides assistance concerning the use of computer hardware and software, including printing, installation, word-processing, electronic mail, and operating systems Virginia
Mission Support Administrator Performs a variety of administrative duties, providing mission support within the Mission Directorates/Intelligence Community (IC). The position provides general and specific administrative services and directly supports one or more functions or business areas, including: facilities management, finance, human resources, imaging and publishing, information management, logistics, procurement, medical, security, and general administrative support. The positions are primarily established in the Headquarters area and are also located in the domestic and foreign fields. Virginia