Global employees are offered competitive salaries based on a combination of years of experience and technical competency. Employees are paid on a bi-weekly basis.

Health Insurance  coverage details here
Global recognizes the on-going concerns and needs for quality health insurance for employees and their families. To ease this burden, Global offers a fully paid, health insurance plan for all employees and their families. Employees are only responsible for co-pay amounts, deductibles and costs that exceed coverage limits.

Dental and Vision Care
Global fully covers the premiums for Dental and Vision Care for employees who elect to participate in the program. Employees are only responsible for co-pay amounts, deductibles and costs that exceed coverage limits.

Disability Insurance
Global offers employees the option to purchase Short-Term and Long-Term Disability insurance coverage. The monthly premiums for each are paid post-tax.

Life Insurance
Global offers employees the option to purchase Life Insurance coverage based on individual needs. Coverage is available up x times your annual salary. Costs range the coverage selected.

Time Off and Holidays
As a consulting business, we have a contractual commitment to provide the defined full-time employee requirement of 1,860 hours of service by our customers. Global strives to support a balance of work and family life, therefore, employees are allowed to manage their Time Off and Holidays as long as employees meet their contractual commitment of 1,860 billable hours to our customers. All Time Off and Holidays must be coordinated with the customer and your supervisor.

Professional Development
Quarterly reviews of employee technical skills and customer needs are evaluated to provide employees the opportunity stay up to date on current technology and meet their career objectives while increasing their value to Global and our customers.

Under the 401(K) plan, Global contributes 10% of your salary as a pre-tax contribution following your first 90-days of employment. Employees may elect to make additional voluntary pre-tax contributions to the plan. Our 401(K) plan offers a comprehensive suite of mutual funds to select from based on your individual retirement objectives and an option for a brokerage account to allow you to individually manage your investments.

Employee Referral Program
We are constantly in search of highly-skilled staff to grow our business. As an employee focused company, we want to ensure that employees are able to recognize and share in the growth of our business. In lieu of a standard, one-time referral fee, Global offers employees an opportunity to recognize the full benefit of the contributions they bring to the company. After the initial 90-days of continuous employment of your referral, you'll receive 10% of the margin earned from your referral as long as they remain an employee in good standing. Referral bonuses are paid quarterly.

Bonus Program
Global wants employees who help grow our business to share in that success. For each new opportunity an employee identifies, you'll receive 10% of the margin recognized for the new business you help identify and capture. Bonuses are paid quarterly.

Workman's Compensation
Global provides Workman's Compensation for all employees in the event that you sustain a work related injury.

Unemployment Insurance
Global provides Unemployment Insurance for all employees.