Global Consulting Services, Inc.

Global Consulting Services, Inc.

The Global Difference

Why Customers choose Global

Global values professional integrity and ethics at all levels. We provide professional and technical information technology services that includes program and project management, systems engineering, systems integration, software development, software and application testing, system analysis, and management consulting. Our goal is to recruit and retain professionals who are committed to customer success through technical excellence. Leveraging their knowledge and past experiences, our staff consistently delivers quality services and solutions. Having grown over 700% in the last year, our customers have demonstrated repeated confidence in our ability to deliver affordable, quality services.

Global Life

At Global, we take pride in being a family. We recognize the need to balance relationships and responsibilities between family and work.

We understand that health and personal well-being are critical for our employees to be successful. To support our employees objectives to maintain good health, we cover the full cost of healthcare premiums for employees and their families. We also sponsor a number of employee events so they may meet, interact, and leverage the knowledge and experiences of their peers.

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